About Us

In the earliest days of the Gulf development boom, the recruiting business was undeveloped in India, with only one or two agencies of any stature and established standards of integrity, promptitude and quality, to handle the vast amount of work that developed overnight.
We have over 36 years of rich experience in this business; with our sister concern AL-SAMIT INTERNATIONAL in which the undersigned was a partner since 1978. We have since earned an enviable reputation for responsibility, rectitude and reliability. We are equipped to select personnel of any cadre from Senior Management/Technical Executives to Unskilled Workmen.
We are fully equipped to select personnel of any cadre from senior management / technical Executives to unskilled workmen in all fields, with specialization in mechanical and civil constriction. Some of our recently completed projects for which we have supplied tried and
tested staff in Saudi Arabia and other parts of the guile are mentioned in the annexure for records. The projects were successfully completed and brought us much acclaim too.
Any references can be made regarding our capability or capacity to fulfil our commitments to our clients in the enclosed list.
JP INTERNATIONAL is in possession of a Certificate under Section 10 of the Emigration Act 1983 of the Government of India, to commence or carry on business of recruitment for deployment of Indian workers with Foreign Employers vide their modified licence #: B-0558/MUM/PER/1000+/5/8970/2013.
Further, to accomplish the best result and to cut down any unscrupulous practices and middle men who are involved in the business to make some easy gains and then disappear, we have taken utmost care. In choosing our team of associates who are an integral part of our operations and are from the countries where normally the best skill is available at the best price.
We maintain a large computerized data bank and advertise from time to time depending upon tentative requirements to update our data banks, maintained be experienced staff and checked frequently, for availability at short notice of different personnel from right backgrounds by keeping in regular touch with them. We can assure you of the most suitable candidates in the shortest possible time.
We are backed by Professional Staff all over India, to screen, trade test and select personnel at appropriate job sites not only for construction but also in specialized and highly qualified personnel to pre select and test in special fields like Petrochemicals, Project Management, Paramedical, Operation and Maintenance Staff etc.
We always try and meet tight schedules and dates of manpower recruitment. On receipt of requirements from the prospective employers we screen, pre select and trade test candidates for final selection by the clients of their authorized representatives. We are capable of selecting independently too, if the responsibility is entrusted to us and proper job specifications are provided, but we appreciate if client’s representatives visit us for setting standards in recruiting to enable us to work per client’s specifications for future requirements.
We use Trade Testing Center, which provide us with latest trade testing facilities available under one roof of Universal Standards approved worldwide. Although we take utmost care in selection an officially submit trade test reports for each candidate, inspite of this, if any worker recruited by us proves to be unsatisfactory within three months of arrival on actual job site, we undertake to replace him at no extra cost to the Employer. Entry Permit will however have to be provided by the company.
Once selection is completed, all candidates are medically examined by doctors appointed by the concerned Consulates / Embassies. Medical reports are furnished to the Employers. After completing the above formalities, we submit our papers to respective Consulates/Embassies and the Emigration for necessary documentation and travel formalities, which enables us to accelerate the deployment of selected candidates.
In a nutshell, it takes us three to four weeks at the maximum time to deploy the selected personnel after receipt of letter of intent from the prospective Employer. In appreciation of the above, we expect a fair consideration regarding our competency and to act as an authorized Agent of your esteemed organization.
We also maintain highly reputable associate offices in Thailand, Philippines, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka with vast experience in the field of Manpower Recruitment capable of handling your job order to your satisfaction. We shall be pleased to provide you the package services for all these countries according to your requirements.